Life Changing

My personal experiences have been amazing. Molly is kind, patient and talented. I’d say that’s a rare combination. One of my favorite “insights” of Molly’s was her sharing of my guardian angel “G”. The details Molly shared with me of that fact that “G” had been with me the last year, down to the music and wind chime…simply took my breath away. And as I thought back to last year, I realize “G” was with me more than I had even realized. Most likely he saved my life with his presence and guidance. It may seem odd, but it feels better knowing he is with me. Last year was truly one of the worst years of my life, and there were times I just didn’t know if tomorrow would come fast enough. And when you’re out of the forest, you see the trees more clearly. As I do now, thank you Molly and “G.” Anyone who has an open mind and is in need of spiritual guidance should see Molly. An interpretive journey into your own personal world, a quest for clarity and insight. Such a wonderful gift Molly can provide…if only you allow her. Molly has a gift that channels such wonderfully personal information that could really be life changing. Open your mind and change your world…one word at a time.