“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

What’s a Reading?

I call my site Writings & Readings because I do both – I am a full-time Writer, and have been giving Readings in one way or another since childhood.

So what’s a Reading? It’s a conversation in which you ask questions, and I give you answers.

Mr. Spock — an Intuitive?

I just know stuff, and I always have. My childhood nickname was Mr. Spock, after the Star Trek character who had encyclopedic knowledge on every subject. No kidding, in elementary school, kids on the playground would ask me questions and then check my answers later. They would also ask me for counseling about their deepest fears and scariest experiences. My “office” was near the dumpster, where it was private and no one could hear us.

How do I get the information I get in intuitive readings? I don’t always know. Sometimes I hear things, sometimes I see visions, and sometimes I get huge feelings. But most of the time, the way I know stuff is this:

  1. You ask me a question.
  2. I open my mouth and start talking.

You can call this channeling, and that’s a good word for it. But sometimes people assume a channel is going to go all weird and have a silly voice and it will be super-exotic and special, and you’ll need to light a candle and wear lots of scarves or something to take full advantage of their “energy.”

Not so, in my experience. Readings feel like a conversation between friends, except that I know things I have no business knowing – things that somehow, in connecting with you (with your explicit permission) I just get about you.

Some people call what I do reading the Akashic Records – which has been described as a giant library in which all future, past, and current events and tendencies are written.

Sometimes, it seems like I read your mind. I put into words the very thing you’ve been dreading to articulate for yourself, the thing you most long to express. Or I read your heart – you have an idea, or plan, or insight – and I read it there, and then give it back to you, in words that will inspire you to take action.

I read your space/time imprint in the cosmic interplay of light and love, man.

Who Gets Readings?

I don’t do Readings spontaneously, and I don’t go around reading everyone’s minds in my daily life. I have enough going on in my own life – like all of the Writing I’m doing these days – to keep myself more than occupied without getting into everyone else’s business.

In fact, as my Writing life has expanded – and my enthusiasm for it grown – I have dropped my Readings availability to only a few hours a week. I have a small number of clients who use my services once in a while – every six weeks or so – and I also take referrals from those clients.

My clients are incredibly powerful, capable people who are very successful in their chosen fields. They’re not weirdos, and they aren’t the sort of people who “look like they hire psychics.”

Mystic in the Marketplace

My clients are usually exactly what I am: a Mystic in the Marketplace.

They’re all spiritually ambitious people. They look normal, fit in well in the “real world” – and yet also have a deeply spiritual connection that yearns for full expression in their life.

The Western world has a long and ignominious tradition of treating mystics either as supernaturally holy people who must be cloistered away and kept safe from the world, or as supernaturally evil people who must be stoned, burned, tortured or hanged.

Thank God it’s 2020!

It’s possible now – although not as easy it will be later this decade – to be an absolutely normal, 100% not-crazy, All-American girl … who just happens to be tuned in to the ineffable.

We mystics can now walk freely, open businesses, run marathons, have families, and enjoy everything that “real life” has to offer – without sacrificing that inner spiritual fire that burns brighter when we deliberately connect to the divine.

I help people – in particular, it seems, other Marketplace Mystics – re-connect with who they are at core, so they can make better decisions in their daily life, and become the person they desire to be.

I don’t tell anyone what to do, and I don’t expect or need anyone to follow the guidance they receive. (In fact, I forget Readings completely once they are over – which is why I make sure to record each one and give the client the MP3 file.)

One of my long-term clients recently said: “I call Molly when I want to hear the truth.”

Applying for a Reading

Even though I do them so rarely now, I still love, love, love readings, because being invited to someone else’s little corner of the realm suspended between time and space is an invitation to hang out in heaven. Despite evidence to the contrary, your world is filled with possibility, and totally safe.

So, how do you get a reading? Take a look at my booking page and find a time and session that works for you. If we’ve never had a session together, please choose a “New Client” option. If you’re a returning client, book any kind of session you like.

Lots of Love,


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