What Can You Tell Me About My Past Lives?

Courtesy Reading for Arcenia:

Arcenia A. L. asks:

What can you tell me about my past lives?

Thank you for this AMAZING question, Arcenia! What follows is your courtesy reading, dearest one. I hope it serves you well, and thank you for sharing it with my readers!

Courtesy Reading │ What Can You Tell Me About My Past Lives?

OK, this is a really interesting question! Well, it has an even more interesting answer!!

Technically, there is no such thing as a “past life,” because no lives are in the past, and none are in the future. All the different incarnations you will ever have here on planet earth will take place in the same time, The Now.

I know that’s a weird thing to say, so let me explain.

You are, quite simply put, an Idea in the Mind of God. That’s who you are at your most essential — a thought, for lack of a better word, the Divine had. And because the Divine is completely limitless, you are also, in a way, expansive and limitless, because you are a thought God has. And so you are, like all of us, timeless, and Containing All Things That Exist.

There is no such thing as time and space, really — those are sort of “filters” that The Mind of God (or whatever you call that Something Bigger) has put in place to have a more focused experience.

(And don’t worry, I will be giving you a few lives to think about, Arcenia, but this is important to understand FIRST.)

So, if you are God and You Contain All That Is, then nothing is really … surprising. Think about it. If you put ALL the colors of the spectrum on full display, you get a brilliant white light that washes out all distinctions. The direct rays of the sun, for example, will erase the color from your hair. If you go into a photography studio and turn all the lights on from all angles at full strength, you will blast away all lines on the face, and wash out the skin so much that even the darkest tones will appear pale.

So, on God’s own, life is sort of … washed out.

If he/she wants to increase the contrast, to understand some part of His Mind better, he has to filter out the light, remove some or most of it, so that the focus becomes clearer.

There is so much to say about this! But for now, let’s just say that our human brains, and our human bodies, are cleverly designed machines MEANT TO FILTER OUT EXPERIENCES AND INFORMATION SO WE CAN FOCUS IN ON FEWER EXPERIENCES MORE INTENSELY.

The concept of “space” is there to intensify our/God’s experience. That’s our body, and our physical world, which is made of swirling atoms with tons of space in between them, but feels “solid.” That’s because of the filter that creates the concept of “space.”

And so the concept of “time” is also just a concept, just a filter to narrow our experience.

You see, God has no real concept of time. I remember thinking that God must be very bored of living such a long time when I first learned about “him” in my childhood church … but nothing is farther from the truth. If there is one person, one human, who has the fewest filters on the planet, it was Robin Williams. He had about twenty thoughts per second, each of a completely different quality. This is kind of what it’s like to be God. Robin’s mind was lightning fast, and still, it was ten thousand billion times slower than God’s.

Every time God has a thought, God has a seventy-billion-gajillion of them. And each of those is what we call a “soul” that goes out and filters our experience to allow God to understand God’s own creation better.

And because time is really just a filter we put in place to slow things down so God can better focus and indulge in experience, the fact is that all lives are happening “at once,” because time doesn’t even exist!

So you could say, Arcenia, that your life in ancient Egypt, where you were a very wealthy farmer who figured out the EXACT moment to harvest, later than everyone else and just a few days before the floods rose every year, was “previous” to this one here in 2020. But in fact, “you” are there, now, watching the waters and the rice grow higher, taking enormous pleasure at the risky calculation you are making, and at how, year after year, you’re correct, and everyone else harvests too early, and they have inferior rice as a result, and so you have the distinction of being the FIRST farmer the pharoah’s buyers visit when they are looking to replenish the stores.

And you could say that the life spent in the Dutch tulip fields, only ten years of it before you fell ill with a terrible flu-like illness and died in your bed with your mother holding you, was between the Egyptian life and this one, but in fact, you are there now, digging in the ground, planting bulb after bulb with your seven-year-old hands.

And you could say that the weirdly dystopian lifestyle you live 300 years from now, when your house is made of a pink tissue that is living flesh, that gives you food as you walk around barefoot, because we have learned how to absorb nutrition through our skin again, like we did when we were in a completely different dimension, on a separate Planet Earth that whirls through the universe at exactly the same path as ours does, but with completely different species and a separate history — you could say that life is “in the future.”

But when you are looking at past lives, you need to understand. They are neither past, no future, nor even, really, present. They are ONE.

The point of your question, which you may not have realized when you asked it, is this: nearly ALL lives are your life. We are all so very close to each other, we little Ideas in the Mind of God — and so we can sort of slip into each other’s lives, all those past and present and future experiences that God is living through us, using us to focus and filter out the Love That Is All so he/she/it can find the Very Interesting Idea He Just Had and Experience It More Deeply.

So when you think “I may have been” or “I think I was” or “I am convinced I lived …” You may very well be correct.

And if it wasn’t the YOUR Idea that was, maybe you just brushed up against God’s other Idea that did live that experience.

Either way, you can wear them as your own, but lightly, the way we wear socks, or tshirts. We put them on and take them off without much thought, because the point is to keep covered, not to Make Something.

Read novels, listen to stories, and ask yourself — was that me?

Because often, honestly, stories are True in that they are being plucked from the Mind of God as fully formed experiences. And the talent of the writer is to find a way to hook that experience to words, so all of us can feel it.

And that way, we can all learn What God Knows.

So if you find a past life via any method (my personal favorite is hypnotherapy!), it’s only “real use” to you is to give you some strategy, or tip, or insight that is useful to THIS incarnation that you are currently experiencing.

Spending too much time thinking about past lives or future lives or parallel lives can lead one to lying about and Getting Nothing Done. Now, if that’s the thing you want to experience, it is very useful. But if you would like to pay a mortgage, or raise a child, or heal an illness, it is much more useful to “dip into” your other lives the same way you would use a card catalog (remember those?) in the library.

Look up the subject you need more information on in the card catalog (again, hypnotherapy I think is the best way to do this) and then use the cards you find to find the books (lives) you need to revisit. And once you have read a chapter, or looked up the scene you need, put that book away and integrate that insight into your Now Life. They are not for exploring — they are for exploiting!!

So take a look at these three lives above. What nuggets of insights do you get, just from these thumbnail sketches, these glimpses, that you might be able to apply to your life today? Where are you digging in the dirt? Who is holding you? Who are you holding?

Where are the waters rising, and are you taking risks, or shying away from challenges?

What is feeding you? What are you letting get “under your skin?”

Mine your life here and now, too. The more we integrate our own insights and live anew each day, deepening our sense of Who We Really Are as Ideas in the Mind of God, the more rich and satisfying our current life is, and the less we “need” to understand who we were/are in other incarnations.

(And the more we inform our other incarnations with our wisdom!!)

And by the way, we are by no means turning you away or saying that this is a frivolous idea. It’s critical to understand and USE these pieces of information! That way lies Greatness!

Many Blessings to you, and thank you so much for this question.

I appreciate you, and your attention, and your love.

Thank you.

I am always here to serve in any way I can.

Much Love to You,


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